Sony’s Music Unlimited coming to iOS in a ‘few weeks’
Mar 26, 2012 // Featured, Sony //

Music Unlimited is already available the PlayStation Vita.

Music Unlimited is already available the PlayStation Vita.

(Credit: Sony Network Entertainment)

If you’re a fan of Sony Music Unlimited who’s been hoping to use the service on your iPhone oriPad – well, your wait is nearly over.

Sony Entertainment Network chief operating officer Shawn Layden said at the IP&TV World Forum recently that his company plans to launch Music Unlimited on iOS ”in the next few weeks,” according to TechRadar, which was in attendance at the event.

Music Unlimited is Sony’s answer to the countless music-streaming services on the Web. Users have access to over 15 million songs, and can create playlists, get offline playback, and more. Sony offers a Premium option which comes with all the features for $9.99 per month. The Basic, $3.99-per-month plan allows for access to the tracks on a range of devices and lets users create customized channels, among other features.

Sony has been slowly but surely rolling out its Music Unlimited services across different devices over the last year. The service currently works on the company’s PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, as well as Android-based devices. To date, however, Sony has mostly neglected iOS, due to what you might call the iTunes problem.

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